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Halloween – History and Traditions

Posted on: Outubro 31, 2008


Halloween is celebrated on 31st of October. In the United states and Great Britain there is a strong tradition. The origins of Halloween are both religious and pagan but many of the traditions associated with halloween have their origins in an ancient Celtic ritual called Samhain. In ancient Celtic times, the new year was celebrated on the 1st of November, wheb the winter, associated with death and darkness, would start, the last day of summer was on 31st October. The Celts believed that evil spirits came down on the Earth once the cold season started.

The ideia of Halloween being associated with Christianity has to do with Halloween being on the night before All Sanits Day. Long ago, it was believed that people could help souls go to heaven and people would go to each other’s houses and ask for soul cakes. In return people promised to pray for the souls of the family’s dead relatives.

Halloween is a day associated with fun frightening. The colours orange and black are associated with this day; orange represents the light and black represents the death. In the coutries where Halloween is celebrated, people dress up in costumes and go to the neighbour’s houses to ask for “trick or treat”, there are parties and gams are played by children and adults, pumpkins are carved and used to decorate houses.


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